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lyrics "Dan Balan: Crazy Loop"

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Artist express:Dan Bălan
Release year:2019

Mm-ma-ma mara
Mm-ma-Mm mara
Mm-ma-ma mara
Taking pictures with honeys
Spending all mo-mo-money
If you want it so badly
Then why dont you say so, lady.
Youll be hurt if youll kiss me
You gotta gotta believe me
But if you want it so badly
Then why dont you say so, lady.
And If youd wanna take it back
You dont wanna take it back
You dont wanna take it back, my love
Dont you wanna love?
Babe, you dont wanna take it back
Dont wanna take it back
Back, back, back.
They call me Crazy Loooop
Gotta gotta be crazy loooop
Gotta get a life
Oh, mom, Ive tr
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