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lyrics "Cynic - Luke Sital-Singh"

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Artist express:Luke Sital-Singh
Release year:2017

I am a cynic, it is my sin
Never let anyone close
I stay in my head, there is no way in
Keep everyone on their toes

Marry me, marry me, darling
I dont know, I dont know, oh
Why you agreed, youre still smiling
Battering down my strong hold

Storms will pass, storms will pass and come again
Close my eyes, open them, you still remain
Love is just chemicals in my brain
Love is falling upwards when you say my name
Say my name

I am a cynic, it is my sin
I dont know, I dont know, oh
How to be better at comforting
How not to dwell in my woes

There is a, there is an opening
I can feel, I can feel you getting in
Turn on the lights and the heating
Our vacancy sign has stopped glowing

I dont believe in fate
I dont believe in heartache
When I dont see your face
Oh, my heart breaks

I dont know where I stand
The ground beneath is quick sand
The laws of physics bend
When you touch my hand
When you hold my hand

I am a cynic, but Im changing
A cynic who stares up above
My stoney heart is melting
Cause you, my love
You, my love
You, my love
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