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lyrics "CupcakKe - Grilling Niggas"

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Artist express:CupcakKe
Release year:2019

'Ight, from the top
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
You bitches ugly and dusty, and none of y'all matter
Money all on me, I'm feeling real flattered
Walk in this bitch, straight dripping like I was tryna get to the toilet, but I couldn't hold bladder
First class, only when I'm not on the jet
All the white folks keep breaking they neck
They tryna see if I'm black and a threat, but I'm covered in green
They like, "Look, it's Shrek!"
Bank teller saying my shit froze (how?)
Pockets thick as hell like Lizzo (oh wow)
Moving the beat like Trish hoe (damn)
If you piss me off, it's a shit show
'Cause I'ma do some shit that you can't believe
Smack a bitch into Christmas Eve (uh-huh)
When I fight, I do not pull weave
Only thing I'm pulling out is teeth
John Wick the verse, I'm not gentle
That mean I'm killing bitches with a pencil (oh wow)
Shawty better check my credentials, only time I'm getting crossed is at the temple
I'm a whole catch, come fetch me
I'm a drop-out, so don't test me (don't do it)
You got passed around to his bestie that pussy burning niggas like Pepsi
I'ma invest, I bet you'd never catch me waiting on a man to flip a quarter (I get it on my own)
Niggas so thirsty, fuck me if I told 'em to, they'd probably drink Flint water
But they can't afford her, I'm up in Georgia, next week Florida, cross the border
Then Aurora, such an explorer, I done been everywhere up on the map like Dora
Max out the card, then I reload it back
Spent ten thousand when I walked in Saks
Body getting snatched like a Brazilian wax
They hate me 'cause I got what they lack
So they gon' stare
Say what you want, I don't care
Bought new jeans I don't wear
'Cause the ass too fat, it's gon' tear if it's on there
I told him, "Back the fuck up"
Omarion, somebody finna get touched
Bitches talk, but they don't ever do much
I'm grilling niggas 'til they teeth get brushed
Snatched a couple niggas chains in the past
They ain't ever come around twice
But if they do, like a cold juice, niggas know to keep it light on the ice
I'm with the gang with it, I bang with it
Foo-foo-foo, good aim with it
Yeah, I wipe a nigga nose with it
I'm shooting shit like Cole Bennett (brrrah)
Niggas know I'm untouchable
Niggas tripping, no Lunchable
And I ain't gotta twerk on the 'gram for a nigga to think that I'm fuckable (not at all)
I'm always in Dolce Gabbana (uh-huh)
Every time I touch down in Bahamas (uh-huh)
I swear to God, I don't be caring (uh-huh)
My first name should've been Donna (uh-huh)
I'm just tryna run up some commas (uh-huh)
So you can miss me with the drama (what up?)
And the way that I'm fucking these niggas up
I might as well get me a condom
Hoes wanna wake up, do makeup, and don't even know how they look when they baked (ugly as hell)
Face be looking like a bunch of mashed potatoes getting smashed on a plate (hahahaha)
These rap bitches suck and I don't give a fuck about none of the music they make (head on)
As long as they watching they tone, and I'm not talking 'bout getting tan on a lake
And I swear to God, these niggas brazy
Be doing the most to date me (get the fuck back)
Be beating niggas out they pants
But I still won't call 'em the baby
Nigga took me on a date then asked me to pay
Should've saw my face when I went in purse
But on the way out, since he act like a bitch
I opened the door for him, ladies first
I'on got time for it, even if they wash their tongue for it
Bitch, yo' hair ain't full enough
Add another track like an encore
These hoes swear they don't play games
Well, then I'm sorry bro', but your hoes need to learn how to level up
Lil' hoes need to play Mario
I run this shit like cardio
I tell who to guard the door
Gimme my part 'fore I rob for more
Running through your crib like the Maury show (hahahaha)
Lil' nigga better be charged to go
Having soul, flying up in Baltimore
Moral of the story, these niggas pussy and I guess I'm the reason why they water broke
Gang shit, bitch!
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