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lyrics "Conway Twitty - Hello Darling"

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Artist express:Conway Twitty
Release year:1970

Hello darlin
Nice to see you
Its been a long time
Youre just as lovely
As you used to be
Hows your new love
Are you happy?
Hope youre doin fine
Just to know means so much to me
Whats that darlin
How am I doin?
Im doin alright
Except I cant sleep
I cry all night til dawn
What Im tryin to say is
I love you and I miss you
And Im so sorry
That I did you wrong
Look up darlin
Let me kiss you
Just for old times sake
Let me hold you in my arms
One more time
Thank you darlin
May God bless you
And each step you take brings you closer
To the things you seek to find
Goodbye darlin
I got to go now
I got to try to find a way
To lose these memories
Of a love so warm and true
And if you should ever
Find it in your heart
To forgive me
Comeback darlin
Ill be waiting for you
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