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lyrics "Colour - MNEK , Hailee Steinfeld "

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Artist express:MNEK
Release year:2018

Chorus: MNEK
Before you came into my life
Everything was black and white
Now all I see is colour
Like a rainbow in the sky
So, tell me your love will never fade
That I wont see no clouds of grey
Cause I dont want another
You bring colour to my life, baby

Verse 1: MNEK
Life was so heavy, I was giving up, na-na
But since you came along, Im light as a feather, ah
You give me something incredible, sensational, baby
When were together, everything is better
My darling

Pre-Chorus 1: MNEK
Only you can brighten up my day
You make everything change, you rearrange
So dont go away
Let me tell ya

Chorus: MNEK
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