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lyrics "Collie Buddz - Won't Be Long"

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I'll give you all my love all my love all my love all my love

From the first time I see you mi know that you have to come
Come my way
And I know that you warmin up to the fact that everthings gonna be alright
Be Okay
And if you feelin lonely check ya tempature
Mi nah gon leave for somebody else for what?
And mi friend I'm a sing this song just because you're my one and only girl
So when you're all alone thinkin about things
Just go and play this song
And when you're all alone thinkin about things
Just know it won't be long no no no

I know I'm on a flight everyday and it seems like too long every time I go away but
Just know say that it's not a holiday not while the New Kingston a play
And I'll be back soon can't wait to put you on the bed pon di floor against the wall
And we can do it in a di bathroom
Oh gosh you on my mind all the time untill then

I'll give you all my love all my love all my love all my love all my love

Girl you know that lovin you is so easy easy like mornin
On a Sunday
And I don't want to go nowhere I'd rather stay right here with you
But you know mi can't come Monday
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