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lyrics "Cold December Nights - Boyz II Men"

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Artist express:Boyz II Men
Release year:1993

So cold, so cold, so cold...

Cold december nights like this make me really scared
Youre not really there
And my tree is really bare
Another lonely night
No gifts, no toys underneath my tree
Can this really be
Im singing Christmas Carols
And theres no Christmas for me

Why arent you next to me
Celebrating Christmas
Why cant you see what hurts so bad
How can you go without paying mind to my sorrow
You cant imagine
How I feel on this cold December night

The stars shine bright as the night air
And the thought of you not being here
Makes me shed a tear
And yet matters remain unclear
About why youre gone
Or if youll ever return to this broken heart
Life is so torn apart
And God knows, Lord knows where I need to start re-building

Chorus (repeats a lot and fades out)
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