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lyrics "Christian Rap - Justus - More Than Life ft. Sevin"

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Artist express:CALI GREEN
Release year:2017

I was broken in hurting and searching
For more than the version of words that I was flirting
Flirting with the every reversion but nothing was working
Through my hopeless uncertain
The exertion I am immersing would only worsen the version
Stress got my chest burning
Yes, stress was just like a burden
Regrets to accept my current enclosure could be a burden
With the righter version let the bottle release the pain
Sip on Hennessy to bring out the sun in the deepest range
Then Jesus came we know within me felt released
From the chains that kept me captive
Trapped in the black defeated frame
Set my heart on flame
So, I set out to reclaim the years
The locust stolen when I checked out of the game
Now I let out of the pain
Till I blood out from the vein
I don't have the words
But I get a lots of it make it plain
Went from kept out in detain
To set it out in the range
Now I’m send out to restrain
To profane in Jesus name

Words don't describe
How I feel inside
I love you, you more than I
I love you more than life
More than life

It's over yesterday that all of us need a saviour
We seeking peace within the streets
But they decease can’t save us
Constantly repeat to curse your name
We can't stop it
Let's face it
I'm a piece of dog turning to its vomit
With so much passion I enacted
And blasphemed His rituals
Despicable residuals
Sicker than the situlas
You get the visuals
A disgusting individual
Corrupting what was biblical
And lusting unconditional
Was a criminal additional to the typical
I was pitiful at minimal oppositional
Your blood fullness in all
Your love unconditional
And so no distant from miracle how clinical
Irresistible once you near it you'll never go
Almost paralyptical invincible and typical
Took the cynical in the soul
Your boy His stripes
So, from now on till forever
I love you more than life

Words don't describe
How I feel inside
I love you, you more than I
I love you more than life
More than life

Its hard making all pagans
When your heart is breaking
Caught our soul whopped out of shape
And every heart's aching
Right now I'm feeling like shot
Baking in the dark like in no one can part
Taking saving me because their heart is faking
And ain’t hearing the tear from me to hold to
The world so many soulful really it was whole too
You know the only thing buffering in the suffering I go to
When everything is disgusting even sucking in this hole too
Then you visit me so vividly
And walk me to the history
And every bit of mystery
You help me from, so I let my pain
To bring your name just a little bit more fame
Then these wounds are not in vain
So let your will be done
Likely the world has to wait from my alms to bear
Suffering in the soundtrack you know I got a song to spare
All I please to say that the need was in Jesus eyes
He’s God I'd rather be with Him than even be alive

Words don’t describe
How I feel inside
I love you, you more than I
I love you more than life
More than life

I just encourage all of you
Think about What God has delivered you from
Think about what you went through last year
Or 5 years or 10 years
I don't know about you but
I should've been dead or in jail
A long time ago
But he had his plan for me
And I'm thankful
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