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lyrics "Chris Travis - Crunch Time"

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Artist express:Chris Travis
Release year:2013

Shout-out to the nigga Big Los
Bruh, real talk
Chris mothafuckin' Travis nigga
Best rapper, nigga, fuck these niggas, bro
I'm on it
(B-B-Big Los on the track, boy)
Pineapple Fanta wit' a splash of Actavis
"Why you sippin' so much?"
'Cause I'm Chris Travis bitch
Can't leave your own city
What the fuck that tell you?
Yo' bitch mouth game tight
But that pussy well loose
Hardball in the south
Bitch I'm straight out of Memphis
Sipping codeine bitch
Don't try to tell me 'bout my kidneys
Leather seats, leather red, windows well dark tinted
Tryna get you a line
That's gon' cost ya' ass fifty
Bitch I'm good
While you niggas ain't in your own city
"40-Year-Old Virgin", ain't nobody fuckin' with me
Condo, reach the clouds
Bitch I'm never not high
Don't say you gon' get me
Bitch, when you the dead guy
I ain't even spitting bars
But I ain't telling lies
"Chris Travis stay broke"?
You a goddamn liar
Nigga, I be on my shit
And that's how I survive
I ain't 'bout to rush shit
I ain't even in my prime
Fuck up your whole career
With one punch line
Beat a nigga ass down
In the fuckin' lunch line
Killing all these lame rappers
Cause it's fuckin' crunch time
Bitch I go bananas and you nigga's fruit flies
Nigga's say I fell off
Y'all nigga's must be drunk
Fuckboy, I'm from Memphis
I ain't got to bring no phonk
I'm a real young nigga
Still lock you in the trunk
Bitch tryna to talk to me
But the syrup got me slumped
Got that Pineapple Actavis
Bad bitch
Chris Travis swaggin' bitch
Damn, I'm not average bitch
Nigga's can't handle this
Nigga's can't handle me
Nigga's can't handle me
Damn, I'm not average bitch
Three ho's in a hotel
That's a trio
Chris Travis fuckin' hoes
In a damn speedboat
Best in this shit
Fuck nigga, you don't even know
Freestyle king, killing every mothafuckin' show
Godfather Chris need a lane when I fuckin' walk
They don't understand cause I got a slang when I talk
Bitch so bad
Made her write her name with some chalk
Ya'll niggas ain't shit
But a fuckin' crosswalk
Step right on you cuz
I know you ain't 'bout shit
Murk a nigga ass quick
In his own apartment
Hit the club deep
Looking like some damn Spartans
Try to jump me
I'ma rip your damn heart bitch
Got that Pineapple Actavis
Bad bitch
Chris Travis swaggin' bitch
Damn, I'm not average bitch
Nigga's can't handle this
Nigga's can't handle me
Nigga's can't handle me
Damn, I'm not average bitch
Chris Travis swaggin' bitch
(B-B-Big Los on the track, boy)
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