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lyrics "Chloraseptic - Eminem, Phresher "

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Artist express:Eminem
Release year:2017

Verse 1: Eminem
Instinctive nature to bring the anguish (yeah)
To the English language
With this ink, you haters get rode on like a piece of paper
This rap shit got me travelin place to place
You barely leave your house
Cause youre always stuck at your pad, its stationary
Yeah, thats why when I brainstorm, gotta write it out (write it out)
Simon Cowell of rhymin foul, thats why you sound so shook
Wire bound notebook got tied around your throat
Hook it inside your mouth, go—hruh
Thats what its like when the mic is out
Cause Im tearin at your flesh with it
Til your larynx and neck are split
With these lyrics, weapons, expert with
Like hair extensions, extra clips
And youre scared to effin death of it
Bitch, youre starin at a legend that
In a pair of Skechers, sweatshirt ripped
And hoodie black, should be strapped
To a chair or stretcher, electric, swear on every record, bitch
Finger so high in the air, Ill bet your senses flip
Like a barometric pressure switch
Carin less who I offend with this
Im at your neck like Pez dispense
Go head, spit your flow, bitch!

Chorus: PHresher
Im at your throat like chloraseptic, septic
And you got strep, Im too complex with, plex with
This shit I wrote is on some next shit, next shit
Im at your throat, Im feelin reckless, reckless, yeah

Post-Chorus: Eminem
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