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lyrics "Chelsea Collins - Used To Be (L.O.V.E.)"

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Artist express:Chelsea Collins
Release year:2020

L is for the way you lie to me
O is for the other ones you see
V is for vindictive, chew my heart and then you spit it
E hurts even more, but who knows what I keep hoping for
When I'm trip trip tripping over everything you say and do
Like even though I'm miles away, I'll keep my faith for you
Oh, but I'm just a blinded fool
With my heart so tied who knows what to do
So I'll go, fill up the cracks
'Cause I swear that we could make it back
If you try a little harder like the way that you used to do
When you cared about someone other than you
Come home, then you would kiss me in the moonlight
I wanna love you, but we live to fight
And making love shouldn't be an obligation
Yeah, we were passionate but now we're only faking
My darling I don't how much that I could take this, t-take this
L is for the way you lie to me
O is for the other ones you see, yeah and
V is for vindictive chew my heart and then you spit it
E hurts even more but who knows what I keep hoping for
If love is crumbling right before our eyes
Oh, my dear we just can't get it right
So take the memories and won't you hold them close for me?
'Cause love's not what it used to be
My baby loves not what it used to be
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