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lyrics "Charlotte Church - Carrickfergus"

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Artist express:Charlotte Church
Release year:2001

I wish I was in carrickfergus
Where the castle looks out to sea.
I would swim over the deepest ocean
For my love to be with me.
But the sea is wide and I can not swim over
Nor have I the wings to fly
I wish I had a handsome boatman,
To ferry me over, my love and i.
I wish I was in the land of arak,
Where the mountains reach the sea.
Where flowers blossom as I do remember.
Where my true love came to me.
But the sea is wide and I can not swim over.
Nor have I the wings to fly.
Ahh to be back now in carrickfergus
To be together .. my love and i.
To be together .. my love and i.
I wish I was in carrickfergus,
To be together my love and i.
I wish I was back home again.
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