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lyrics "CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ - Quavo , Madonna , Cardi B"

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Artist express:Cardi B
Release year:2018

Drink me up Champagne Rosé (Oh, Huncho did it?)
Its my game (M-M-M-Murda)
Please fill my cup Champagne Rosé (Yeah)
It’s my name
Please drink me up Champagne Rosé (Drink)
Its my game
Please fill my cup Champagne Rosé (Woo)
Its my name (Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink)
Please drink me up Champagne Rosé
(Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink)
It’s my game
Please fill my cup Champagne Rosé (Drink, drink, drink)
(One bottle, two bottles, three bottles, four bottles, five bottles)
Its my name
Please drink me up Champagne Rosé
(Six bottles, seven bottles, eight bottles, nine bottles, ten bottles)
Its my game
(Ten bottles, ten bottles, ten bottles, ten bottles)
Please fill my cup Champagne Rosé (Woo, woo)
Two bottles (Two), three bottles (Three)
Four bottles (Four), five bottles (Five)
Drink me up Champagne Rosé (Woo, drink)
Ten bottles (Ten), ten models, no drinkin out the bottle (Splash)
Fill my cup Champagne Rosé (Woo, woo, woah)
Yeah, yeah

Verse 1: Cardi B
Cardi, look
They say my time is tickin
These hoes is optimistic
Somebody told you not to fuck with me
I would listen (Nope)
Now this big mama (Big)
Big watch, big charm
I get pissed off (Bow)
You get pissed on (Grrr)
Look, court-side at the Garden
Just to see LeBron
I dont do number two
Thats the type of shit Im on (Woo)

Verse 2: Quavo
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