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lyrics "Cayman Islands - Kings of Convenience"

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Artist express:Kings of Convenience
Release year:2004

Through the alleyways
to cool off in the shadows,
then into the street
following the water.
Theres a bearded man
paddling in his canoe,
looks as if he has
come all the way from the Cayman Islands.

These canals, it seems,
they all go in circles,
places look the same,
and were the only difference.
The wind is in your hair,
its covering my view.
Im holding on to you,
on a bike weve hired until tomorrow.

If only they could see,
if only they had been here,
they would understand,
how someone could have chosen to go the length Ive gone,
to spend just one day riding.
Holding on to you,
I never thought it would be this clear.
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