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lyrics "Cavetown - This Is Home "

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Artist express:Cavetown
Release year:2015

Often I am upset
That I cannot fall in love
But I guess
This avoids the stress of falling out of it
Are you tired of me yet?
Im a little sick right now
But I swear
When im ready I will fly us out of here
Ill cut my hair
To make you stare
Ill hide my chest
And ill figure out a way to get us out of here.
Turn off your porcelain face
I cant really think right now in this place
Theres too many colors
Enough to drive all of us insane
Are you dead?
Sometimes I think Im dead
Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head
But i dont wanna fall asleep just yet
My eyes went dark
I dont know where
My pupils are
But ill figure out a way to get us out of here
Get a load if this monster
He doesnt know how to communicate
His mind is in a different place
Will everybody please give him a little bit of space
Get a load of this trainwreck
His hairs a mess and he doesnt know who he is yet
But little do we know the stars welcome him with open arms
Time is
Tracing his face
But strangely he feels at home in this place.
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