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lyrics "Calum Scott - Boys In The Street"

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Artist express:Calum Scott
Release year:2022

When I was younger, my daddy told me I would never
Never amount to nothing special
He'd come at me from every angle
He'd say, you're the last thing I wanted
The last thing I need
How am I gonna answer when my friends tell me
My son was kissing boys in the street?
My son was kissing boys in the street
Tried to change me
Say I'm embarrassing my country
How could I do this to my family?
Do I wanna grow up being lonely?
He'd say, we've worked for our money, we put you in school
Is this how you repay us? Do you think this is cool?
My son, stop kissing boys in the street
My son, stop kissing boys in the street
Now that I'm older
My daddy's heart's a little warmer
But he still won't hold me like my brother
And he still won't kiss me like my mother
He'd say, you're a part of this family, I made you myself
But the way that you act isn't good for your health
My son, stop kissing boys in the street
My son, stop kissing boys in the street
My daddy's dying
And he's finally realized I'm not lying
We sit in silence but we're smiling
Because for once we are not fighting
He'd say, there was no way of knowing 'cause all I was taught
Is men only love women, but now I'm not sure
My son, keep kissing boys in the street
My son, keep kissing boys in the street
And when I'm gone, keep kissing boys in the street
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