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lyrics "Butterfly - Mariah Carey "

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Artist express:Mariah Carey
Genre:Pop music
Release year:1997

Verse 1
When you love someone so deeply
They become your life
Its easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside
Blindly I imaged I could
Keep you under glass
Now I understand to hold you
I must open my hands
And watch you rise

Spread your wings and prepare to fly
For you have become a butterfly
Fly abandonedly into the sun
If you should return to me
We truly were meant to be
So spread your wings and fly

Verse 2
I have learned that beauty
Has to flourish in the light
Wild horses run unbridled
Or their spirit dies
You have given me the courage
To be all that I can
And truly feel your heart will
Lead you back to me when youre
Ready to land


Verse 3
I cant pretend these tears
Arent overflowing steadily
I cant prevent this hurt from
Almost overtaking me
But I will stand and say goodbye
For youll never be mine
Until you know the way it feels to fly


So flutter through the sky
Spread your wings and fly
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