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lyrics "Bruno Mars - Gorilla"

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Artist express:Bruno Mars
Release year:2012

It's 4am and you are up getting fucked up
And what a world it is all girls,
I'm in luck
Say hello to your sisters and let's try some yoga
I'm yoda, it's cold, but let's get it poppin' like soda
One will make a bridge and two will make a pose up
One will do the down dog and I will be the cobra
It's any ardy where the party is never sorry, no, illa
I take'em to the head, now to the bed, said the red gorilla
Ooh, I got a body full of liquor
With a cocaine kicker
And I'm feeling like I'm thirty feet tall
So lay it down, lay it down
You got your legs up in the sky
With the devil in your eyes
Let me hear you say you want it all
Say it now, say it now
Look what you're doing, look what you've done
But in this jungle you can't run
'Cause what I got for you
I promise it's a killer
You'll be banging on my chest
Bang bang, gorilla
Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas
Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas
I'm like a anaconda in your garden (ooh)
Baby girl, I'm exploring deep down in your forest like
(Oooh oooh oooh aaah aaah aaah)
Hey, we got it hotter than an amazon
Gotcha cheetah bra with your heels on
And I'm about to be the king of your jungle like
(Oooh oooh oooh aaah aaah aaah)yeah, yeah
Hey, it's like a rain forest, baby
How I got your love pouring down
And I'ma make that pussy growl
Cause what I got for yah
Girl, I promisse, it's a killa
You'll be banging on my chest
Bang, bang, gorilla
Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas
Ooh, yeah
You and me baby making love like gorillas
I bet you never ever felt so good, so good
I got your body trembling like it should
You'll never be the same baby once I'm done with
You, you, you
I'm gonna be your gorilla
We'll be making love like gorillas
Baby, I'ma be your gorilla
Oh, you with me, baby Making love like gorillas
And I'll be going ape on you, baby
Uh, all up on you and the floor is going crazy, yeah
You and me, baby, we'll be fuckin' like gorillas
Yeaah, yeaah, yeaah, yeaah, yeaah
Baby, yeaah, baby, yeaah, aaww yeaah
You and me, baby, making love like gorillas
Yeah, mmm
Making love like gorillas
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