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lyrics "Boba Boyz - The New Tokyo District "

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Artist express:Boba Boyzt
Release year:2019

The New Tokyo District
Los Angeles California
The year is unknown
Modern life is now a different story

Mr. Sky
In the town that never sleeps you can catch us diggin up caskets
Mobbing through the streets ill keep my opinions in brackets
The street lights flashing suspicions will keep us dashing
Im mashing my thoughts and feelings
Im illing the real opinion
Im dealing the cards your stealing
Subjectively called the villain, the dirty, the rotten scoundrel
Moving through the city committing the nitty gritty
Its funny but its not pretty
My soldiers, we move in silence
Best stay out the way dont make us resort to violence
Im losing all my patience the feds are my acquaintance
Im literally thugging, so bitterly chugging
This boba tea all for me pay no fee
Jollibees is where we fucking kick it with the goons
Bouncing of the walls like some freaking cartoons
Planning out our next heist, shooting up some double dice
Sitting there and wondering if were ever gonna catch a break
Yakuza be fucking up our city here for goodness sake

Mr. Sky & 2DKai
Catch us in the backstreets, New Tokyo LA
The streets are fucking cluttered, New Tokyo LA
Bodies in the gutter, New Tokyo LA
New Tokyo LA
New Tokyo LA

In the town that never sleeps its easy to be the best
Squad dont believe in rest
All windows are reflecting perspectives so shitty
People trying 50% less
Everything is a test we pass it with flying colors
Fuck starving with all the others give repans to kids and mothers
Hands stay in my pockets packing bullets bombs and rockets
Yeah you know youre never safe
Goons steady robbing banks, yung hoes packing shanks
Catch us in the backstreets filling up the napsacks
Stacking all this mad cash sipping on the boba
Backpacks on our shoulders got the hoodies on deck
Street smarts never lose a motherfucking bet, yeah
Stop trapping when im fucking dead, yeah
Street pigs fill them full of lead
New Tokyo dystopia in a global depression
Law enforcing expression, supression
The only colors painted in this cities fucking red
Art is dead
The people are dying while the politicians sleep in their beds
Billboards full of lies, Storm in your eyes
Tell them that its all in their heads
This shit simply just isnt fun to me fundamentally any enemy trying to put bullets into me
Can never compare to what the city has did to me, Bitch
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