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lyrics "Boba Boyz - Pocari Sweat "

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Artist express:Boba Boyz
Release year:2019

Mr. Sky
Top to bottom we gotta win
Full circle we going in
Catch us down at the arcade
Were so self made we got golden skin
People need to stop listening
Theyre just standing there eyes glistened
The fuck out of our business though
Youre annoying kid yeah you need to go
Got a thousand credits gonna spend it all on this new game from Tokyo
Got all the time in the damn world
Successful N.E.E.T.S. in the bed curled
Drank too much boba damn nearly hurled
We are the squad catch us going hard on your college campus fucking up the quad (fucking up the quad)

Aint the ace but im the king
Got a problem catch fade in the ring
Stole your chick twice with just a bowl of rice
I be unstoppable
You be predictable
I be straight McPurping
With this dick your girl be slurping all your verses in a citation
So stand there in admiration
Your hairline is an abomination
This song here is your cremation
I value your endevour
But you cant step before the emperor
You be a fake ass substitute bow-down bitch before the absolute

Lying and deceiving is what i do
Living my life like kaiki deishu
Just like lightning im quick to the fightning
And just like thunder i hit hard like a hunter
When i go beast mode you better hide in a bunker
Cause i blow up like a spirit bomb
Always reppin Vultron (Vultron)
A silent kill like the seven swords of the mist
When you see me you know youre next on the list
I dont ill i just kill only do it for thrills
Taking out all the foes like im taking out all the hoes
Rap vill(an) with no feeling cant stop the killing come straight from the ceiling
A message from god word be bond
Got this sick ass rap just for yall

Mr. Sky
I look nice
But it comes with a price
Niggas be jealous cause my (a)fros fuller than your fat ass stomach after a bowl of rice
Squaring up for these sick bars theyll drop so hard that shit leaves scars
You will react to my rhyme attack yeah you try to run you wont get far
You Showing up on my radar ill blow you out with that nadar
This tracks explosive
Ill get compulsive
So futuristic got lasers
I probably should put down the damn caffeine
Got me throwing out lyrics like a damn machine
Say im not clean
Boy ill get mean
Ill steal your fame like a damn fiend
You needa realize that the damn prize isnt in disguise its in front of ya eyes
Now back down
Wheres the damn crown
Ill take it now, why you gotta frown?
Im done with you
Get up out my face
Go and tell your group youre a damn disgrace
The Boba Boyz playing you like toys
I see your face filling with regret
Your tears taste like Pocari Sweat
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