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lyrics "Boba Boyz - PHANTOM "

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Artist express:Boba Boyz
Release year:2018

We real thieves ya bandanas up
I steal your shit but it aint enough
Take a hollow tip but u aint tough
We aint done here keep bandanas up
Better duck down when we coming thru
With a young shibuya boo
Hiding tattoos
With a black suit from khaloo
Hidden blade this a real op
Fuck u we aint gonna stop
Fuck u we hit another block
86s yeah they full of guap
Guacamole with the sauce
Dead men if they cross
Revenge boy thats a foolish task
We doing it you aint gotta ask
No honor among thieves
From the dunes to the seas
I take from the rich
I steal from the poor
We riding with the hoods
And im robbin for that gold
Its worth more than souls
And it already been sold
To the highest bidder
He a fucking sinner
While u feeling bitter
We be feeling better
Got the pockets fat
In an 86 and it all black
Getting bread; street rats
And Ill tell u that
We out robbing shit
Like shambala bitch
What we gonna hit
Keep ya in suspense
It dont make sense
Yeah the innocent
For a couple cents

I’m a real jihad that’s a nasty bandito
Ain’t fucking nice call me magneto
Call you the n word like Quentin Tarantino
Run yo jewels like a dirty ass gringo
Fist to chin always connects
Twist that head snap that neck
What’s coming next families grieves
Out here stealing boba thieves
Roll up the papyrus I want the first toke
Stack up that gold I want it in bulk
Raid that tomb I want it go broke
If it goes south we’ll call it a hoax
Usin the bread we got from the crypt
The undead one yeah I made it real quick
Call this female never call her a bitch
Gave her my seed I did that more quick
Desert born outlaws runnin wit the steel ball
Racing to the end Ain’t lookin back on my friends
10 gallon on big iron on the hip
City slickers better not fucking trip
Pistol whip Six shooter flex
Arabian cowboy I’m the best
Middle East to the wild Wild West
Chillin in the pyramid for my next quest

Wrapped up in my cloak
Got that blade against your throat
Don’t choke, yeah I know, yeah you’re scared, it ain’t fair
I don’t care, run the jewels, give me dat
Just broke outta Soledad
Yeah yuh give me that
Yuh yuh give me dat
Phantom with the shits, run it quick, hit a lick, got your blood on my kicks
You’s a bitch, I can see it on your face ha ha
You’s a bitch yeah you lookin outta place yuh yuh
Everything I do, I do it for the gang
In my waist, is that thang
Yeah I let it fucking bang
Families crying in the rain
Another sin it’s all the same
All I bring is fucking pain
For the bag, snatch it fast, yeah the law is on my tracks
They might shoot me in my back
Take a cig, from the pack
Ride my horse, it’s all black
Like a phantom in the night
In the moon, searching for the light
Won’t go out without a fight
Dying on my horse
Like a phantom in the night

Post-Boy in a Hat
All allmighty with the hands
In the ring we boutta dance
Yeah we out here makin plans
You should come and get yo mans
Now we chasing that bahgdad
You should come and get that bag back
Pussy bitch never @ that
Ali baba wita hashtag
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