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lyrics "Boba Boyz - Nightfall "

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Artist express:Boba Boyz
Release year:2019

Im too fly
Im running round stacking that paper
But youre too high
You cant see round my slick rhymes
Thats tongue tied from those niggas thats telling me to quit now
Im defined
I said fuck your shit
Tryna say that im digging a ditch
How bout you wash some dishes
Clean up your act before youre swimming with the fishes
Thats deep fried
Tryna say my raps blow
Wheres your dough though
I can see that you aint on your grind though
And now youre behind
Downshift too clean on that incline
You done fucked up
Too bad I guess your times up
Thats a rolex
You know that this shit isnt complex so why you perplex
My flow never had any context
Like a bad joke
I aint misspoke
You fuck around and get your jaw broke
Thats a right hook
Dont come at me with your bad speech
Nigga read a book
Your a leech though
This boba flow is our of your reach
Shit dont make me preach though
Like a pastor but yall too busy talking bout cancer
You think I cant handle the banter
But nah
Let me hop in my corvette
You better fuck off before the drift squad leaves you in a cold sweat

Throwing bars like a tomahawk
Bitch were underground like its Tony Hawk
Flows solid like a rock call it neversoft
Dont let me catch you slipping when im milk tea sipping looking through a Shounen Jump
Steady page flipping
Boba Boyz dipping through your neighborhood bitch
Ran into a couple weebs talking mad shit
Had controllers ready so those bitches got lit then we took off in the whip on to buy another sip of the boba
If were stepping all up in the place
Tapioca all up in your face
When the boys are flowing better have the coins to keep it going
We dont fucking rhyme for free
Sting like a bunch of killer bees
This is our season so no fillers please
You wanna play boy
You cant intimidate me
Im raw like a steak
Dont gotta marinate me
Talk a lot of shit like this that
Roll up with the gat like click clack
Wanna battle slap you in the face with the wrist wrap
Got these niggas looking at him like bitch rap
When he been rap with the steady stutter like you hit him with the steel bat
Cause his shits wack
And a nigga cant have that
And a nigga cant have that

Mr. Sky
Stacking boba and Yakisoba
We sipping all day
People need to listen to our words and just what we say
You cant top us
You cant stop us
We will not delay
We the Boba Boyz and we stack mangas up where we stay

We got zero motivation but a hell of a drive
I got cheat codes waiting yeah youre in for a ride
We stay bitcoin stunting flex in front of my foes
Steady drifting through the fifth with all of my bros
Call me Rio Hizaki
Bitch dont touch my Poky
You know that im ruthless
You know you cant stop me
You know that its over as soon as you mock me
Your game is outdated so old like that floppy disk
Please do not take the risk
No you cant fuck with this
Boba kids ruthlessness
Catch us on M-Net
My steam levels killer
Your lifes just a filler
This season has ended
Please dont get offended but
You a bitch
Its over its over
Got luck like them clovers
Yeah yeah were on 10 just staking that yen
Can you even handle the flow coming in
Just lost all your data
Your whole crew is beta
Im bouta fillet-a fillet-a your fish
Collect rappers heads and serve that on a dish
Like you dont even know
Keeping stacks in my fro
Oh snap its time to go
Quick hop up in the whip
Because its time to dip
Lets escape to the lab
Where the beats always popping
And tracks steady mobbing
When this mixtape will drop its your tears well be mopping
We hustle and hustle till the day is done
The drift squad stays swerving we are number one
The illmatic MCs who spit a thousand degrees
This rap game we got it this shit is a breeze
Leave you on your knees
By this point you know that we really dont play
Talk is cheap can you afford what you say
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