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lyrics "Boba Boyz - Initial Dreams, 2nd Stage "

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Artist express:Boba Boyz
Album:Project B
Release year:2018

Mr. Sky
Ticket after ticket
That left turn oh shit you missed it
Engines thumping Speakers bumping
Claimed to beat me bitch stop fronting
In that Mazda ill be drifting
RX-7 heavy shifting
Catch me at the next race shining my rims up in your face
Everybody lining up in rows
I stay in first place yall already knows
The cars so fast the air so cold
Wont stop till i get a sculpture in gold
The red suns suck so does impact blue
Imma out-drift every single one of you
Project D? Nah Project B
We the mother fucking drift squad family
And thats a fact dont deny that
Dont let me catch you on the highway your ass is wack
This downhill drifting heavy lifting
All my training ill stay shifting
Through these lanes my veins are just pumping racers pride
Challenge me i will not hide 1st place is where i reside
Catch us at your waifus house made them legs shift
We got in there first
Do you catch my drift
Album after album freaking mix-tape after mix-tape
We stay throwing CDs out the window
Smoking Boba flavored Vapes

Ren McPurp
Im in the AE86
I be Rapping in the 90s
All these haters right behind me
Posers tryna mimic
In your rice ass Honda civic
Swervin side to side is all I know
While Im ballin in Tokyo
Pulling bitches n imoutos
They in the whip taking photos
Naw bitch we aint takumi
Boba boyz be who we be
You cant stop this flow
While we drifting with under glow
Yo these tires smoking
Think that we joking
While u buying roof scoops
We in that GT-R coupe
Yo imouto call her bae
Pulling off in my S2K
Didnt come to play
Only here to get pay
Drift game be so large
Got that engine supercharged
Brimbo brakes that shits so clean
With those rims some pimp ass green
Going fast on the incline
Always takin the closest line
Messed up in the brain
Catch me Drifting in the rain
Drifting to a metronome
Cant touch to me when im in the zone
Got yo kouhai on the phone
Boba be what we bout

I pulled up in the Civic right up at the fucking clinic
Seen a 2D bitch outside hold up let me get her digits (THEM DIGITS)
Them souped-up of engines revving finna take her right to heaven
Is that a fucking Camry you bring shame to your family (Awe)
Squeeze ahead and cut in front now check this sick as stunt
You see me toking on the blunt, man my drift you cant confront
Man I aint trying to front, you already know Im on the hunt
Im swerving through these hard tunes your ride sucks get your car tuned

Mr. Sky & Ren McPurp
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