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lyrics "Boba Boyz - Goon "

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Artist express:Boba Boyz
Release year:2018

Lil Wayne
Okay, youre a goon, but whats a goon to a goblin?
Nothin, nothin, you aint scarin nothin

got the shadows dancing all around me
you will all fall down, i will drown thee
i repent evil sins that have drowned me
i repent evil sins that have damned me
starlight shine brighter than i diamond
bars hot like the dragon that i fly in
my time my time who will try them
my mind my mind who am i then
who am i then
slayin demons like its my time
blue eyed dreamin, look at my grind
red eyed beamin, look at my 9
goblin sleeping in a night light
she a dark beast
in the night time
she gon start a feast
when its prime time
she gon take the dress off when the moods right
she an evil girl dancing in the moonlight

look i am the man ya im really something
yea the beat hit yeah it really bumping
i was born a savage way above the average
dont catch u in my sight bitch u better vanish
im always on a quest
got a spasm in my chest
spitting fire from my neck
im da dragon of the west
u can catch me in a crypt
u can catch me on a ship
But u wont catch me slip
cuz the blade stay equipped
im dat mutherfuckking real
stay strapped with a shield
winter soldier with the steel
ice cold what i feel
And my body full of runes
And boys got the tunes
And Ill come to see u soon
But Im gunning for the moon
Yametae yametae
Dont kill the kids
Man Im do it everyday
yeah i really do this often
you are just a problem
i put u in a coffin
to u im just a goblin
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