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lyrics "Boba Boyz ft. TheTerboh - Z E R O° "

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Artist express:Boba Boyz
Release year:2015

Its a Cold World (8x)

Mr. Sky
Diamonds on my necklace this shit has got me freezing
My goodness snow is falling didnt know it was that season
Boba tea is frozen im not sure what to be thinking
Everybody needs to chill my rings are icy for a reason
Temperatures are lowering
Sense of humor glowering
Princess Snow Kaguya on my dick i call that snowboarding
That iced out Boba in that Iced out whip
Hit that fire freeze drift and make those frozen tires Skit

We some icy demons
Shinigami Boba
Yeah you know this shit aint over im a fucking winter soldier
Somebody should of told you
This winter be forever and its only getting colder
Ice ice nigga frozen fingers on the trigger yeah my egos getting bigger
Every battle be sub-zero you can call that mortal combat
Bring your armies and your soldiers they be freezing like the boba
Were a league of icy legends you can call this shit a moba
Your girl up in my icy lounge, ice sickle up in her mouth forever dressed in diamonds, you know this shit is timeless
You aint got no ice
Boy you gotta try this
See these rocks upon our watches We the fucking bosses
You dont like our rhymes
Well we just cut the losses
Who the fuck you crossing snowballs all we tossing
Frosty tapioca
Catch us in your local Boba Loca in the cut we dont give a single icy mother fuck

Its a Cold World (8x)

Mr. Sky
Chilling up on big bear with my squadrine posted in the snow
Sipping on Pocari Sweat, we stay hydrated dont you know?
Trapping out of Snowden, rims are golden, flexing temperatures
Fucking up some commas, were them cold hearted adventurers
Drifting through the winter Christmas boxes willed with mixtapes
Catch me in the mansion on Playstation playing Ape Escape
We so fucking icy fresh, we flyer than a moth
Got a problem? Grab the nine, well duke it out on Hoth
Aint nobody colder than the Boba sippin possy and i mean that when you see us cause we are so fucking saucy
Ramune on Ice and Mochi for a price, ☆Mr. Skys the name and yes i plan to roll the dice

Tony Astro
This kid fucked up the Titanic
Freeze the world and cause global panic
Dont like it then fight me you know to well that im icy
Best know that I lay my claim in the streets and leave your girl ice cold when we done in the sheets
For 3 weeks straight its been 0 degrees c dont fuck with the kid named 4c
We on that weeb shit from Little Tokyo sever your arm with a bokken from a dojo
Bars so hard they burn like fire and ice
The hell you on about I dont need to be nice
You know what they say whats right is right
But the truth is everybody has a price and if you got the money then enjoy your vice otherwise you get offd by frostbite
From Hong Kong down to Nantwich my crew meaner than a fucking umbra witch
Im a god damn pro when i lane switch now go make me a god damn sandwich
My girl will fuck you up if you step in the set
Now move along, dont do something that youll regret
Shell go and freeze you before you take your last breath, whats her name? General Esdeath
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