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lyrics "Boba Boyz ft. Emote-O - Edge "

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Artist express:Boba Boyz, Emote-O

Mr. Sky
Slish slash yo just got katanas now we run the show
You wont believe the price, 2 for 1 from Little Tokyo
Now we got the whole damn squad slashing up a storm
Cant bring them on campus because then well get expulsion forms
What you know about this life? This aint even our final forms
If you wanna talk some shit you best believe youll catch a hit
Like, double blades, double sabers, Blood should come in many flavors
Im a fucking beast when i grip my hand around that hilt
If i have to end your life you best believe ill feel no guilt
And i mean that when i say it fool
Dont try and act like you dont notice when im breaking rules
Thats why we #1 cause all them other clans are tools

We got katanas, we got fedoras, we got 2D hunnies all over us
Look at your waifus like she belongs in the short bus
Theyre not safe in a bus but with katanas we slice and combust
Shit Samurai Jack would be like, "I cannot Trust"
Fight Me. Im a master at Iaijutsu
Slap you with my Shidokan Jitsu
Discreetly fuck your shit shit waifu with my ninjitsu

Naruto, i read that. Hand to hand combat
First rate Taijutsu ill fight for my waifu
Ill blow the fuck right past you
Your walls up but ill cut through
My katanas so sharp, play you like a damn harp
Kunai is so fly im screaming out, Bankai
Nigga what you trying to imply? I can see on my minds eye
You cant even reply yo ass is on standby
You bitch ass small fries
Elite ninjas on the beat, Kotone Jutsu feel the heat
Shonen Level feets yall some fucking neets
Judo flip you on the street. Shiro in the seat
Now drop this hard ass beat feel defeat

Mr. Sky
Counter to your statement our replacement just may never come
Because our style goes on files when they study us
We so damn ninja, got the officers causing a fuss
Over who, over who should be protecting us
I think its easy, easy peasy just to make a choice
Cause we them ninjas and we gonna be the peoples voice
Our steps cannot be heard our skills are so absurd
From street to street we will defeat all of those evil turds

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