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lyrics "Bmike - Anxiety"

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Artist express:Bmike
Release year:2018

Michael (Uh, yeah?)
Right this way please, Michael
What can I do for you today?
Yeah, I just need something to take this edge off and I'll be on my way
Well, I can't just give them to you (What the fuck? why not?)
Why don't you take a seat and we'll hava a little chat?
Every single day it breaks me to pieces
I've tasted defeat at the feet of my demons
I'm such a fucking waste of achievement
I should put this trigger to my brain and just squeeze it
'Cause Lord, I know I ain't been no saint
But tell me what I did to deserve this pain
Tell me what I did to deserve this hurt
When all I ever did was put everybody first
These days I just don't feel shit
I don't feel a thing at all, I don't feel like I exist
That's why I need my fix, so I can just feel something
How do you describe the word empty?
Try to describe the word nothing
Wait, fuck that
Use my name as a definition
Write it on my forehead, defective out of commission
I'm sick of it, losing myself, I'm sick of it
Take my fingerprints, you'll see how little the percentages is
I've given it my all
I've given it my all and so much more
But everybody still walking out that door
I've given it my all
It's getting to the point where it's sad as fuck
I've given it my all, but it's not enough, it's not enough
The sleeping pills don't work, the healing pills don't work
I still feel pain with pain pills, now those same pills don't work
If I don't get a couple perks, I'm about to go berzerk
I swear to god nobody can fix this shit, not even the church
Now tell me what good would a pastor do?
Except be mad at you, and tell you that you sinned a bunch of times
But I've forgiven you
You know they won't admit it, and god himself is forbid it
But it's probably still just half of all the shit the priest committed
Ask me one more time how the fuck I feel
I'ma fucking lose my mind
Step aside I need the pills
Step aside I need the Xannies
Step aside I need the Vicodin, and I'll be on my way
So I can just get back to my life again
You do not give a shit
Stop pretending, stop lying
'Cause to you I'm just a check, bitch, just a dollar sign
Another vaycay with the kids, hubby couldn't be prouder
And all you had to do was ask me how I feel for an hour
See, that's the problem with pretentious technicalities
You preach insanity, and then expect my weekly salary?
So tell me who's the crazy person now, bitch
And yet you think you qualified to treat me? Shit
I've given it my all
I've given it my all and so much more
But everybody still walking out that door
I've given it my all
It's getting to the point where it's sad as fuck
I've given it my all, but it's not enough, it's not enough
Man, I came up a long way
Just a young Jozi nigga
Bullet at my temple
Afraid I might pull this trigger
It's fucking anxiety
Fucking anxiety
My demons are callin' and sayin' they want whatever's inside of me
I'ma give it to 'em (Hell, yeah)
I'ma give 'em all of it
Used to be a smooth operetor
Now it's the opposite
Oh, big time, anxiety, yeah
I feel it swimmin' through my veins
I'm afraid I might get the blade
Make a slit and let the blood spill out
Oh, big time, anxiety
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