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lyrics "Blondie- Call me "

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Artist express:Blondie
Release year:1978

Color me your color, baby.
Color me your car.
Color me your color, darling.
I know who you are.
Come up off your color chart.
I know where youre coming from.

Call me (call me) on the line.
Call me, call me any anytime.
Call me(call me)Ill arrive.
You can call me any day or night.
Call me!

Cover me with kisses, baby.
Cover me with love.
Roll me in designer sheets.
Ill never get enough.
Emotions come, I dont know why.
Cover up loves alibi.

Call me (call me) on the line.
Call me, call me any anytime.
Call me (call me)Ill arrive.
When youre ready we can share the wine.
Call me.

Ooh, he speaks the languages of love.
Ooh, amore, chiama mi (chiama mi).
Ooh, appelle-moi, mon cheri (appelle-moi).
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anyway!
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any day!

Call me (call me) in my life.
Call me, call me any anytime.
Call me (call me) au revoir.
Call me, call me for some overtime.
Call me (call me) in my life.
Call me, call me any sweet desire.
Call me, call me for your lovers lovers alibi.
Call me (call me) inner line.
Call me, call me any anytime.
Call me.
Oh, call me, ooh ooh ah.
Call me in my life.
Call me, call me any anytime
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