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lyrics "Blame - Right Away, Great Captain!"

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Release year:2012

I know you must know it now
My organs have stoned
My fingers are numb around
Your warm, pulsing throat
And I whisper, my wife
She opens her pale eyes
She smiled, so I smiled
And I got what I deserved
This house was my flowered heart
But my petals have fallen
Do you love him, tell me now
Or Ill show you my scars
And you will bow boldly
And tell me youre sorry
But youre hardly moving
Wake up and give me
What I know
I deserve
The farmers wife heard it from
The street down below
And later fully recalled each harrowing note
And she will cry, holy
Spirit has cursed me
And for this my
Ending sooner than I deserve
The children were lucky
To have only
Used ears
As I stood on top of him looking down
I felt the fear in their skin they plead
Did you kill our leader
Our rock and great teacher
What did he deserve
And I replied
No, killed my
And the wound that has freed us
I hope you can see it
For what I deserve
The judge would ask, hy again, was it him
And not her
The only response I could think was,
To settle my nerves
And try
Killing my leeches
For sucking me speechless
Abandoning secrets
And trust
All the same
So I deserve
What I deserve
So I deserve
What I deserve
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