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lyrics "bladee - Apple "

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Artist express:Bladee
Release year:2019

Be a part of me
Make it be a part of me

What can I say?
Everything just happened to play out this way
I remember when I was in Miami, off the Xans
I paid three hundred for fakes
F-Fake Prada on my face
Now I got real Prada on my face
This shit is crazy (Shit is crazy)
New day, new pain
Nothing was ever the same
Im three three three for the Ain
The numbers fell from the rain
New year, new me
It used to be two, now its three
The apple fell far from the tree
I hear someone calling on me
But I go too hard on the weed
Bladee, I put the club on the Es
Trash Star, yeah, Lego
Build piece for piece
Im tripping too hard, PCP
This shit got me down on my knees
Open the window
Yeah, we spraying Febreze
What is the meaning
In the end its all dreams
Slow motion
We can run down the beach
In the night I will eat
If its real then it bleeds
I hear someone calling to me
Make it be a part of me
Make it be a part of me

In the night I will eat
If its real then it bleeds
If its real then it bleeds
If its real then it bleeds
I used to be you, now its me
The apple fell far from the tree
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