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lyrics "Black Sabbath - Loner"

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Artist express:Black Sabbath
Release year:2013

Hes just a loner
He never says hello
A friend to no one
Hes got no place to go
He dont look happy
He look through furtive eyes
He aint got nothing
No one to sympathize
Alright now
He hides himself away
His secrets not revealed
As life just passes by he keeps himself concealed
A solitary man
An enigmatic child
A riddle never solved
A prisoner exiled
Alright now
I wonder if the loner can assimilate
A life less lived alone plays devils advocate
Cmon now
Has he ever tried to be happy?
Reached out from inside
Someone on who he can depend
Its getting to late to recover
He wont stand a chance and into his own hell hell descend
Dont descend
Dont descend
Dont descend
Dont descend
No understanding of things we already know
He has to live his life and just learn how to let go
Alright yeah
Communications an impossibility
His own best friend but hes his own worst enemy
The secrets of his past locked deep inside his head
I wonder if he will be happy when hes dead
Cmon yeah
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