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lyrics "Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral"

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Artist express:Black Sabbath
Release year:1970

Verse 1
Reflex in the sky
Warn you youre gonna die
Storm coming, you better hide
From the atomic tide
Flashes in the sky
Turns houses into sties
Turns people into clay
Radiation, minds decay

Verse 2
Robot minds of robot slaves
Lead them to atomic graves
Plastic flowers, melting sun
Fading moon falls upon
Dying world of radiation
Victims of mad frustration
Burning globe of obscene fire
Like electric funeral pyre

Buildings crashing down
To earth’s cracking ground
Rivers turn to wood
Ice melt into blood
Earth lies in deathbed
Clouds cry for the dead
Terrifying rain
Is a burning pain
(Electric Funeral)
(Electric Funeral)
(Electric Funeral)
(Electric Funeral)

Verse 3
And so, in the sky
Shines the electric eye
Supernatural king
Takes Earth under his wing
Heavens golden chorus sings
Hells angels flap their wings
Evil souls fall to Hell
Ever trapped in burning cells
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