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lyrics "Billy Currington - People Are Crazy"

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Artist express:Billy Currington
Release year:2008

This old man and me, were at the bar and we
Were having us some beers and swaping 'I don't cares'
Talking politics, blond and red-head chicks
Old dogs and new tricks and habits we ain't kicked
We talked about God's grace and all the hell we raised
Then I heard the ol' man say
"God is great, beer is good and people are crazy"
He said "I fought two wars
Been married and divorced"
What brings you to Ohio?
He said "Damned if I know"
We talked an hour or two about every girl we knew
What all we put 'em through
Like two old boys will do
We pondered life and death
He light a cigarette
He said "These damn things will kill me yet
But God is great, beer is good and people are crazy"
Last call it's two AM, I said goodbye to him
I never talked to him again
Then one sunny day, I saw the old man's face
Front page obituary, he was a millionaire
He left his fortune to some guy he barely knew, his kids were mad as hell
But me, I'm doing well
And I drop by today, to just say thanks and pray
And I left a six-pack right there on his grave and I said
'God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy"
God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy
God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy
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