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lyrics "Bette Midler - Stay with me "

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Artist express:Bette Midler
Album:The Rose
Release year:1979

Where did you go when things went wrong, baby?
Who did you run to?
Find a shoulder to lay your head upon.
Baby, wasnt I there?
Didnt I take good care of you?
But, oh, no. I cant believe youre leaving me, yeah.
Stay with me, baby.
Im beggin you to stay with me, baby.
Yeah, stay with me, baby.
I cant go on.
Who did you touch when you needed tenderness, baby?
I gave you so much,
And in return I found happiness.
Baby, what could I do?
Maybe I was too good, too good to you.
Oh, I cant believe youre leavin me.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, stay with me, baby.
Why dont you, why dont you just stay with me, baby?
Yeah, stay with me, baby.
Remember, you said you always gonna love me.
Remember, you said youd never ever leave me.
Remember, remember, Im asking you, begging you.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, stay with me, baby, baby, baby.
Why dont you stay with me, baby?
Stay with me, baby.
I cant, I cant go, oh, on.
"well, Im a young woman, and I could get plenty of men. but honey, keepin ems the hard part, aint it? yeah. sometimes, sometimes I find I try so hard."
Maybe this time I should be the one to go away.
cause honey, aint it my turn to have somebody
Grab hold of me and say,
"no! dont go! you cant go!"
Oh! stay, stay with me, baby.
Im begging you, stay with me.
Stay with me, baby.
I cant, I cant, I cant, I cant.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, stay with me, baby.
Why dont you stay with me, baby?
Stay with me, baby.
I cant, I cant go on.
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