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lyrics "Bette Midler - My One True Friend"

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Artist express:Bette Midler
Release year:1998

And now, is it too late to say
How you made my life so different in your quiet way?
I can see the joy in simple things,
a sunlit sky and all the songs we used to sing.
I have walked and I have I prayed.
I could forgive and we could start again.
In the end,
you are my one true friend.
For all, all the times you closed your eyes,
allowing me to stumble or to be surprised,
by life, with all its twists and turns.
I made mistakes, you always knew that I would learn.
And when I left, its you who stayed.
You always knew that Id come home again.
In the end,
you are my one true friend.
Though love may break, it never dies.
It changes shape, through changing eyes.
What I denied, I now can see.
You always were the light inside of me.
I know, I know, I know, I know it was you.
I have walked and I have I prayed.
I could forgive and we could start again.
In the end, you are my one true friend.
My one true friend.
I always, always knew,
I always knew that it was you,
my one true friend.
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