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lyrics "BETTE MIDLER Love Me With A Feeling "

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Artist express:Bette Midler
Album:The Rose
Release year:1979

"All right! Shes gonna sing!"
Rose: "All right, we all turn to page 438.
Now, you know we all gonna sing along.
Oh, I do love a revue."
You know, women dont like this woman,
cause I always speak my mind.
But the men aint crazy about me,
cause I love to take my time.
If youre gonna love this woman,
Gotta love me with a thrill,
cause, baby, if you dont,
I gotta find a man who will.
Love me with a feeling.
You got to love me with a feelin.
You got to love me with a feelin,
Or you dont love me at all.
You know, Im the kind of woman,
I dont want no halfway stuff.
If youre gonna turn me loose, baby,
Be sure I had enough.
You know, the cops once took me in,
But I did not need the bail.
I just shook it for the judge and he,
He put that cop in jail.
You got to love me with a feeling.
You got to love me with a feelin.
You got to love me with a feelin,
Or you dont love me at all.
"All right, Milledge, this ones for you."
There was one cat who could not make it,
And Milledge was his name.
The only cat I ever knew
Who left before he came.
There hes a-standing,
Drinkin pop from a paper cup.
But when its time for gettin down,
Milledge can not get it up!
You gotta love me with a feelin.
Yeah, love, love me with a feelin.
You got to love me with a feelin,
Or you cant love me at all.
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