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lyrics "Bette Middler - Mambo Italiano"

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Artist express:Bette Midler
Release year:2003

A boy went back to Napoli,
because he missed the scenery,
the native dancers and the charming songs.
But wait a minute, somethings wrong.
Hey! Hey!
Now its hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!
Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!
Go, go, Joe, you mixed up Sigiliano.
All you Calabrese do the mambo like crazy.
And hey Mambo! Dont want to tarantella,
Hey Mambo! No more-a moozzarella.
Hey Mambo! Hey Mambo Italiano.
Try an enchilada with a fish-a-barcalada.
Hey goombah!
I love-a how you dance rumba.
But take-a some advice paisano,
learn how to mambo.
If youre gonna be a square,
youre never gonna go nowhere.
Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!
Hey Mambo, hey Mambo Italiano!
Go, go, Joe, shake-a like a Gioviano.
Hello quesadicha,
you getta happy in the feets-a
when you Mambo Italiano!
Shake-a baby, shake-a,
cause I love-a when you take-a me.
Hey Jagool!
You dont-a have to go to school,
just make a little beef flambino.
Its-a like-a vino.
Kid youre good-lookin,
but you dont know whats-a cookin till you
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Shake-a baby, shake-a,
cause I love it when you take-a me
by the pizzeria down-a where Im gonna be-a.
Dont ya tell your mama.
Mamas gonna tell-a papa.
Theres-a nothin to it.
Come on baby lets-a do it!
Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!
Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!
Go, go, Joe, you mixed up Sigiliano.
Its-a so delish-a, everybody gonna preshi-ada.
Mambo Italiano!
Do the mambo!
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