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lyrics "Beautiful Eyes - Chris Medina"

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Artist express:Chris Medina
Release year:2011

I had a dream, I turned back time
You never left for work that night,
Cause just before you turned to go
I pulled you in and held you close.

But we know, we know how this story goes
Wish that I, never said goodbye.
I thank God, I still see you
And your beautiful eyes.

I see a picture, in my mind,
A silent freeze frame locked in time.
I try to call you, but you cant hear,
My echoes fall with every tear.

And as I
And as I wake from this nightmare.
I realize, I dont need dreams.
I still see you, and your beautiful eyes.

Mistakes weve made,
Will change the way we see,
The way we think,
The way that it goes.
The scars we bear,
Like soldiers wear,
Will decorate and show
The strenght of your soul.

I nearly lost you once before,
But now youre here,
Im never letting you go.
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