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lyrics "Beautiful Birds - Passenger, Birdy"

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Artist express:Passenger
Release year:2016

Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
We would light up the sky, when we’d fly
You were orange and red like the sun when it sets
I was green as an apple’s eye
You said you loved all the songs that Id sing
But nothing like you’d ever heard
And I said I loved you with all of my heart
When we were two beautiful birds
Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
We would say when the morning would come
You are silver and blue like the moon when it’s new
I was gold as the summer sun
But one day you asked for a different song
One that I just couldn’t sing
I got the melody sharp and the words all wrong
Those were the last days of spring
To build a nest we pecked feathers from our chests
Like a book tearing out every page
We want to know that these feathers would grow
Into a beautiful cage
Nhạc sĩ: Michael David Rosenberg
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