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lyrics "Beastie Boys - The Move "

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Artist express:Beastie Boys
Release year:1998

Its times like this when I just cant stop
Cant wind your body without the body rock
Got schemes, schematics blue prints on file
You gotta have dreams to make it all worthwhile
So as I take my time and realign
I wonder what it is I hope to find
I dont mean to brag I dont mean to boast
But Im intercontinental when I eat French toast
Adrock with the new addition edition
Gettin on down for the year 2000
A slight distraction can get you paid
And when it comes to that type shit I paved the way
BBoys to the early morn
BGirls be rockin on and on
BGirls to the break of dawn
BBoys be rockin on and on
Dogs love me cause Im crazy sniffable
I bet you never knew I got the ill peripheral
In your home Im cloned Im on your headphones
I love it when you spazz out all alone
Cause Im that fool that broke the key
Im unlockable so dont check me
I got weight on my shoulders and things on my mind
The sky is falling and Im falling behind
So I synthesize sounds as I patch my brain
Insane mind games move quick like flames
So now I wonder how sometimes you never know
Who be rockin yall in ster-er-eo?
In ster-er-eo!
In ster-er-eo!
In stereo...
No time like the present to work shit out
Thats what Im going on and on and on about
Not fakin just makin beats in the dungeon
Keep that shit funky cause the odor is pungent
No shame in my game just par for the path
I try to hone my craft because at hands the task
But I find Im not playing with a full deck
Im up to my neck like Toulouse Latrec
All I want to know is when is checkout time
So I could be in heaven with the rhythm rock rhyme
And when Im with my man Shadi rock at the gates
Well be rockin rhythms over disco breaks
BBoys to the early morn
BGirls be rockin on and on
BGirls to the break of dawn
BBoys be rockin on and on
On and on...on and on...
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