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lyrics "Beastie Boys - Sure Shot"

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Artist express:Beastie Boys
Release year:1994

Cause you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Cause you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Well, you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Mike D, come and rock the sure shot
Ive got the brand new doo-doo, Guaranteed like Yoo-hoo
Im on like Dr. John, yeah, Mr. Zu Zu
Im a newlywed, not a divorcee (yeah)
And everything I do is funky like Lee Dorsey
Well its the taking of the Pelham 1, 2, 3
If you want a doody rhyme, then come see me
Ive got the savior faire with the unique rhymin
I keep it on and on, its never quitting time and
Strictly handheld is the style I go
Never rock the mic with the pantyhose
I strap on my ear goggles and Im ready to go
Cause at the boards is the man, they call the Mario
You pull up at the function and you know I Kojak
To all the party people that are on my Bozac
Ive got more action than my man, John Woo
And Ive got mad hits like I was Rod Carew (yeah)
Because you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Because you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
You know you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Adrock, come and rock the sure shot (Hurra-, Hurra-)
Cane will cross fade on your ass and bust your eardrums
Listen everybody cause Im shifting gears
Im fresh like Dougie when I get my specs
And on the microphone, I come correct
Timing like a clock when I rock the hip-hop
Top notch is my stock on the soapbox
Ive got more rhymes than Ive got gray hairs
And thats a lot because Ive got my share (oohh, weee)
Ive got a hole in my head and theres no one to fix it
I gotta straighten my thoughts
Im thinking too much (yeah) sick shit
Everyone just takes and takes, takes, takes, takes
Ill have to step back, I gotta contemplate
Well, Im like Lee Perry, Im very on
Rock the microphone, and then Im gone
Im like Vaughn Bode, Im a Cheech Wizard
Never quittin, so wont you listen
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, yes, indeed, its fun time
Because you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Because you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Well, you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Mca, come and rock the sure shot
I want to say a little something thats long overdue
The disrespect to women has got to be through
To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends
I want to offer my love and respect to the end
Well, you say Im twenty-something
And I should be slacking
But Im working harder than ever
And you could call it macking
So Im supposed to sit upon my couch just watching my TV
Im still listening to wax
Im not using the CD!
Well, Im that kid in the corner
All fucked up and I wanna
So Im gonna (yeah)
Take a piece of the pie
Why not, Im not quittin
Think Im-a change up my style just to fit in
I keep my underwear up with a piece of elastic
I use a bullshit mic thats made out of plastic
To send my rhymes out to all the nations Like Ma Bell
I got the ill communication
Cause you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Cause you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Well, you cant, you wont, and you dont stop
Keep on and rockin the sure shot
Tick-tock, tick-tick, tock-tock
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