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lyrics "Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn"

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No sleep till,
Foot on the pedal
Never ever false metal
Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle
My job aint a job
Its a damn good time
City to city Im running my rhymes.
On location
Touring around the nation
Beastie Boys always on vacation
Itchy trigger finger
But a stable turntable
I do what I do best
Because Im willing and able.
Aint no faking
Your money Im taking
Going coast to coast to watch all the girlies shaking.
While youre at the job working nine to five
The Beastie Boys at the Garden
Cold kickin it live.
No sleep till
Another plane
Another train
Another bottle in the brain
Another girl
Another fight
Another drive all night.
Our managers crazy
He always smokes dust
Hes got his own room at the back of the bus.
Tour around the world
You rock around the clock
Plane to hotel
Girls on the jock.
Were trashing hotels like its going out of style
Getting paid along the way
Cause its worth your while.
Four on the floor Ad-Rocks out the door
M.C.A.s in the back because hes skeezin with a whore.
We got a safe in the trunk with money in a stack
With dice in the front and Brooklyns in the back.
No sleep till
No sleep till Brooklyn, no sleep till Brooklyn !
Aint seen the light since we started this band
M.C.A. get on the mike, my man!
Born and bred Brooklyn
The U.S.A.
They call me Adam Yauch
But Im M.C.A.
Like a lemon to a lime
A lime to a lemon
I sip the def ale with all the fly women.
Got limos, arena, TV-shows
Autograph pictures and classy hoes
Step off Homes
Get out of my way
Taxing little girlies from here to L.A.
Waking up
Before I get to sleep
Cause Ill be rockin this party eight days a week!
No sleep till
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
No sleep till Brooklyn!
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