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lyrics "Beastie boys - Girls"

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Artist express:Beastie boys
Release year:1986

Girls, all I really want is girls
And in the morning its girls
Cause in the evening its girls
I like the way that they walk
And its chilly to hear them talk
And I can always make them smile
From White Castle to the Nile
Back in the day
There was this girl around the way
She liked by home-piece M.C.A.
He said he would not give her play
I asked him, please?, he said, you may
Her pants were tight and thats O.K.
If she would dance, I would D.J.
We took a walk down to the bay
I hope shell say,
Hey me and you should hit the hay
I asked her out, she said, no way
I should of probably guessed their gay
So I broke north with no delay
I heard she moved real far away
That was two years ago this May
I seen her just the other day
Jockin Mike D. To my dismay
Girls, to do the dishes
Girls, to clean up my room
Girls, to do the laundry
Girls, and in the bathroom
Girls, thats all I really want is girls
Two at a time, I want girls
With new wave hairdos, I want girls
I ought to whip out my,
Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls, girls, yeah
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