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lyrics "Beastie Boys - Alive "

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We got rhyme selections in a wide array
Jai des bons bons pour vous mangez
The party people scream oui oui, seeest vrai
Cause I got a remote for my bidet
I use the microphone like Picasso used clay
Down with freckles from around the way
Peace to Bambata and Jazzy Jay
I rock on the mic from here to Bombay
I give it my best and say come what may
Cause everybodys got their dues to pay
Im looking side ways like my man Pele
Getting on like Ali boom ba yay
So fed up with racism today
Time to speak up and not turn away
Make the sun shine when its cloudy and gray
Dip dip dive so socialize
Open up your ears and clean out your eyes
If you learn to love your in for a surprise
It could be nice to be alive
Im taking doody rhymes to a brand new height
I shine on the mic like UltraBright
Created a monster with these rhymes I write
Goatee metal rap please say goodnight
Now heres a little something you may not like
My djs name is Mix Master Mike
Its a real pity that you people got to bite
But I could understand because he sounds so nice
Reading you the news cause Im Country Mike
Use a microphone like Shazam uses tights
Try to keep clear of that hate and spite
So I keep my mind still like the still of night
Now who in the world do you want to fight?
Its agianst the system we should unite
Homophobics aint alright
If you learn to love then you might love life
Dip dip dive so socialize
Open up your ears and clean out your eyes
If you learn to love your in for a surprise
It could be nice to be alive
Now you can shuffle numbers but facts is facts
So many billionares while so many lack
So before the poor decide to react
Come on party people and share up your stacks
Now Im a break it down to the brass tacks
Do the Biz Mark and the cabbage patch
You try to turn the key but then you broke the latch
Sneak into my files for some rhymes to snatch
Id like to have a say on the income tax
Dont want to help build bombs and thats the facts
No money for health care so whats the catch?
The man got you locked with the keys to the latch
Mike and Adam have got my back
You bring the mics and well bring the raps
Turn on the P.A. and rock your shack
Dont smoke cheeba cant stand crack
Dip dip dive so socialize
Open up your ears and clean out your eyes
If you learn to love your in for a surprise
It could be nice to be alive
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