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lyrics "bbno$, y2k - lalala "

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Artist express:Y2K, bbno$
Release year:2019

Did I really just forget that melody?
Nah, da da dadadada nananana
Alright, dada dadadada

When I popped off then your girl gave me just a little bit of lockjaw
Baby so cold, he from the north, he from the canada
Bankroll so low I got nothing else that I can withdraw
Ran out the door
I shine my wrist it go like chachasha, chashasha
I got your bitch singing like lalala, lalala
I shine my wrist it go like chachacha, chachacha
I got your bitch singing like lalala, lalala
How I stride like that?

Amex, no cap, 800 score
They wonder how, how I guap like that
I rap my lyrics when I perform
They wonder how, how I stride like that
Married to the grind, I bought my ring
Im corny but your girlie want the dick
Modest with my jewels but check the bank
Finally got the money, say my thanks


Haha, Im at the bank again
They wonder how, how I guap like that
Pink whip with flames all on the side
They wonder how, how I stride like that
Got that gucci on my body now she tryna pipe me, woo
Popped a lucy loosey goosey, sussy boy I keep your cool
Got the paper went to school
Be careful who you call a fool
Ay, ha, ay
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