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lyrics "AYO EISHA FT GUTTA K - Eisha No!"

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Artist express:Ayo Eisha
Release year:2019

Eisha no (Eisha no)
Eisha no (Eisha no)
Eisha no (Eisha no)

Don't kick her, Eisha
Oh my God
Oh-oh-oh my God
Don't kick her Eisha
(Why did you do that?)
(Why did you do her like that?)
(Why you do her like that? That is terrible)
(You beat that girl like that)
(Fucked up Eisha, that's fucked up Eisha)

Nyema, bitch fuck you
Scary ass hoe

[Verse 1: Eisha]
Look at the way that I walk
I'm shopping at Fendi, you shopping at Ross
You cannot fuck with me, you bitches is soft
I'm riding with shooters that's really throwed off, ooh
You do not wanna fuck with me
They call me Lil Eisha and I'm with the shit
I heard that you mentioning Eisha
In person, Nyema get popped in yo shit bitch
Nyema, you is a lame (A lame)
Popping that shit for the fame (The fame)
Remember at the church I whooped you
Hush up, be quiet, you know I'm with the gang
You don't wanna see me, period
You know I'mma step, you know I'mma bang
Now Gutta, eat this bitch up
Hold up, ain't a thing

[Verse 2: Gutta K]
All this sauce
When I walk through you salute, I'm the boss
Young Gutta from the D but I moved to the south
Looking for Nyema getting flipped in the house
All these diamonds got a nigga feeling rich
Went in Eisha room, Ny was sucking on a dick
Everybody know my name, call me Gutta with the shit
One false move you get hit with the stick
I don't got time for no hating shit
Mad cause we living great and shit
You always on our page, making sure you up to date with shit
You really on some fake shit
Fuck a opp, we stacking checks
Fuck hot sauce, we like motherfucking ketchup on our chicken bitch

Fuck you talking bout?
Weak ass hoe with that weak ass frontal
Fuck you talking bout

[Outro: Eisha & Gutta]
You lame as fuck hoe and you'll never spit on me, bitch
Still haven't, lame ass hoe
(Lame ass, band-wagon ass bitch)
Facts, 20 motherfucking years old
In witness motherfucking protection bitch by a motherfucking minor, hoe
You lame as fuck
(Bitch still popping her motherfucking shit all the way in VA)
(Making wack ass diss tracks about my bitch)
(Kill yo fuck ass producer, fuck ass hoe)
Okurrrrrr, period! (Ah!)
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