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lyrics "Auxxk - Anamay"

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Artist express:Auxxk
Release year:2017

Focus so focus
I'm loosing my shit
Rarely be sober
Be geeking and shit
Niggas talk reckless
Got cum on they lip
My niggas not average
Pull up in a Vic
Sweeping the the block
But we pleading the fifth

Hollow tip casings
Engraved wit da seven
It look like a western
Cracking the Westin
Do you get the message
Or I need my vector
I turn to your Mecca
Air out your section
Don’t ask me no question
Go count up ya blessing

Taking ya vitals
No chance for a blessing
Sick a da cancer
These niggas keep acting
They say I'm reactive
I'm all about action
You all about captions
I beat up ya captain
He thought it was sweet
Niggas be asking for feats
Imma respond wit da fee
No longer calm imma beast
Attitude problem I weep
Bitchs fall down at my feet
Steven sigal to ya shawdy
Imma at your neck irregardless
Tired of feeling so modest
Tell’emgo ready my pardon
All of these bodies on Ana
Handing out presents like Santa
Niggas don't know me black panther
Coming wit all the schematics
All of that weak shit is tragic
I'm on yo neck like I'm melo
Please do not act like bilo
I take ya life wit a pillow
Yo family weep like a willow
Lately been playing like hero
Call me habachi no zero
Look how I body yo hero
I break his neck like a chiero
These niggas not on my tier bro

Rolling the dice like I'm bit
Niggas called me a shit
Now they eating this shit
Passing my thoughts wit a vik
Taking a knee in this bitch
Kapprinick ran out a fucks
Now I'm just run off luck
This shit pungent as fuck
Niggas be hating off bucks
So I don't stay in my lane
Look how we crept and became
Intricate flow like flow like I'm Wayne
Niggas done called me insane
Cause imma do it my way
It was a part of this phase
Added a sprinkle of sage

Been feeling deranged

It’s all in my brain

Wrist all of my rage

Rip catching this jay

Sick stuck in my rage

Risk all of my days

Fuck living this way

Losing out part of my sanity, triggered by errthing, burial coffin, killing da salty, talk shit in dat comment, show up like a comet they call me da fallen, swinging that hoe, got heads on the floor, Friday the 13th my vision look gold
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