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lyrics "Asco - Straight Drop 4 | GRM Daily"

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Artist express:Asco
Release year:2018

As... Mulli, Gang, Gang
See its Boogie in the buildin
Straight Drop, times four
Aye, Look

Its like As be the truth, these niggas all frauds
Mulli in the bank, and mulli on course
Im talkin straight cash, cause I dont take shorts
Twenty, all scores, and thats for the dough
Baddie in Dior, got her on her fours
Top me like she owe me, until it lockjaw
This weights moving shaky, it needs to lock more
Im only doing straight drop, you know the drops raw
Straight drop four, thats for the fans
Yeah the boys back, back with a bang
I straight drop all my grams
The flake lock, no maj
And when the weights gone, you better know thats big racks
My bitches all bad, my baddies all mean
The batty so fat, she gotta jump in her jeans
Hella junk in her trunk, and her front hella clean
She whispered in my ears, "you the man of my dreams"
I told her baby this reality, and thats a dream
Cause I was never seen, goin cunch for the peas
Point-threes on the B, and the same on a dubs
Fiends hit me for a lump
I hit em with the teeth
Getting mulli with the team
My killys all clean
I put in extra time when my racks got low
My ratch touch souls, my trap does Os
Thats Os on Os these bands wont fold
Hundred bags up in jewels, fifty bag wardrobes
Louis or the Gucc
Giuseppe, never wore those
Rap-trappin two moves, doin four shows
Cracks straight crack, I stretch that with raw nose
The phones turnt up, thats what that raw does
If my dargs rise up, thats no less than four slugs
At the shows with the Tuggs
Still keep the four tucked
They hate you even more, when youre getting more love
Couldnt give four fucks, cause the loves all fake
Tryna make sure its 10/10 grub on my plate
I got the peng, tell a friend, from the dubs to the slate
And all my gyal stay peng, got face, with shape
Got mulli on the way
Coolin off with bae
And she be on face... time to her mate
I got her in the passie, were cruisin round the way
And when, OT popped down I was movin Yay
Gettin money both ways
Sippin Rose
My weed all purple, roll me a soul plane
Never wife a hoe, you know these hoes straight
Two workers, workin shifts, I make them both rotate
My nigga got caught up, now that nigga so strange
I whip the Benz more time, but got the Rolls for the day
Whip the Yola no benz, riding with the loaded 10
Fuckin up the Trizzy, 10/10 Os for them
No lights in the trap, all night with the cats
They be comin back and forth all night for this crack
For this light, they do laps
Dropped five on the Wap
Try go to war with us, youre getting fried with the MAC
Big tools for the opps
Big jewels for the Thots
Came through hella clean, from the jewels, to the drop
Niggas hate my guts cause they aint got what I got
But I did more than a lot, to get all that I got
I got these niggas sick, mad
Gettin big bags
Same pricks that be mad, his chicks on my dick bad
And she just wanna blow Jack
If I take her for the night, then she aint tryna go back
My soldier bringing back racks
I send him with them Os back
Big facts

Straight Drop, times four (Gang)
Mulli way
Clean Cut
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