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lyrics "Another Empty Bottle - Katy McAllister "

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Artist express:Katy Mcallister
Release year:2012

Mama was a bit naive
And her Daddy was a blinded thief
He went and stole away what was left
Of the remains of a family
Shed hide away behind a door
She kept locked
But the walls werent thick enough to
Block out, angry noises of the voices
That once soothed her to sleep
And she lies, tonight
Underneath a caving roof
And she cries, tonight
Wondering what she can do
And she tries, tonight
Remembering who she once knew
But theyve died, inside
Another empty bottle takes a life
This world can be so cruel
She lives her life as a broken tool
And she believes shes unable to fix
This broken machine, and whats the use
To throw yourself at love
If in the end it never seems enough
To be able to get through all of lifes broken dreams
She watched her father live in regret
Heard her mother cry in an empty bed
And she swears
This is the best life gets
ow, And she lies, tonight
Underneath a caving roof
And she cries, tonight
Wondering what she could do
And she tries, tonight
But shes out of memories
That she once knew
And she dies, inside
Another empty bottle takes a life
And every little bit, every little bit
Of her wants to see that light
But every single night
Another little bit of her dies inside
Shes trapped in her mind
She feels more alive
She feels more alive
In her own dreams
And shes wondering
Whats beyond the sky
Could she see the light
If she falls asleep
Cause she feels more alive
In her own dreams
So tonight, she lies
Lifted up through her own roof
Dried eyes, tonight
Theres nothing more
That she could do
And they cry, tonight
A daughter that they hardly knew
And shes lost, in time
Another empty bottle takes a life
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