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lyrics "Almost Back - Kaskade, Phoebe Ryan, LoKii"

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Artist express:LOKII, Phoebe Ryan
Release year:2018

Verse 1: Phoebe Ryan
Well I woke up
Took a breath and let it out, then I got up
Cup of coffee, thinking maybe, could be wrong but
Feeling so much better (better)

Verse 2: Phoebe Ryan
Doing alright
I was all in, I was walking in a straight line
Feeling open, finally knowing what it felt like
Really thought I was better (better)

Pre-Chorus: Phoebe Ryan
Almost made it three whole days
Without seeing you in every face
Thought I was good again, I was good again

Chorus: Phoebe Ryan
You pull me back to that feeling
Every time that I start thinking
Im almost back, Im almost back (back together)
Im almost back, Im almost back (back together)
Got this way of showing up and
Breaking me with just one touch when
Im almost back, Im almost back (back together)
Im almost back, Im almost back (back together)

Beat Drop: Kaskade
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